World’s first fully automated AI-powered insect farm

June 5, 2020

Better Origin has launched the X1 – the world’s first-ever insect farm to convert local waste into animal feed. The insect larvae that feed on surplus nutrients are fed to livestock. We are solving the global food waste crisis and producing better quality food for consumers.

The future of insect farming

The X1 is a self-contained insect farm which uses AI and patented engineering to replicate nature’s recycling system. Its app-based user interface means the farmer knows what is going on inside the container at any given time.

Fotis Fotiadis, CEO and co-founder of Better Origin, says: “Until now there was no accessible way for food producers to turn food surplus back into the food chain. We’re now delivering a vital solution to this global opportunity.

In nature, insects convert waste into essential nutrients in a complete ‘no-waste’ cycle, but this link is absent from the modern food chain. Our technology uses natural processes to fix the broken system. We’re restoring insects as the missing link.”

The benefits of using insects as feed

Earlier this year, the X1 completed a successful pilot project on Wood Farm in Cambridgeshire. It’s now ready to collaborate with farmers to support happier, healthier hens on farms across the UK.

Charles Mear, the owner of Wood Farm, says: “We love the ethos and concept of Better Origin, which fits well with what we are trying to achieve here at Wood Farm – producing a carbon neutral, free-range egg. The health and wellbeing of my hens are of utmost importance to me.”

The insect farming market

With an addressable market of £1bn in the UK and £130 billion globally, Better Origin’s route to the layer hens sector has strong growth potential. Currently approaching the close of our late-seed funding round, we also have plans to market the X1 for salmon farming and pet food.

Watch this BBC video to see our X1 in action.
Learn more about how our insect farm works.

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