The Better Origin X1

World's first AI-powered insect farm

The Better Origin X1 grows insect feed on your behalf, allowing you to tackle food waste, reduce emissions, and improve productivity.


From food waste to animal feed

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Feedstock is delivered into the module and prepared to ensure it is free of bad bacteria.

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The X1 processes and delivers feed to larvae. Our AI oversees the feeding and inspection of the larvae’s health so the farmer does not have to.

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Larvae are grown over a 7-14 day period depending on the type of feed required.

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The larvae are harvested and delivered direct to the animals. No processing, no additives.

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New seed larvae are delivered to the module on whatever frequency is required.

Tried and tested on poultry farms

Insect feed by Better Origin

“Insect feed is the best enrichment we’ve ever come across.”

Charles Mear
Wood Farm

x1 feed positioned with a crane

“We think that this could be the future of egg farming.”

Sophie Throup
Head of Agriculture

x1 insect feeder on a chicken farm

“The hens absolutely love it – we have seen the best feather coverage in 9 years.”

Osian Williams
Wern Farm

x1 container on a chicken farm

Minimum labour required

You don’t need to know anything about insect farming because our AI does.

The X1 is completely automated. It takes care of seeding, feeding, and growth, and notifies you when the larvae are ready for harvest.


Who is the X1 for?

The X1 is a great solution for supermarkets, food producers, and poultry farmers who have at least 16,000 chickens.

Can the X1 be shipped anywhere?

Our system can be deployed almost anywhere in the world, but we are focused on the UK and EU markets for the time being.

How much does the X1 cost?

The subscription price depends on the size of the system, the size of the farm, and the type of waste used.

Who manages the X1?

We know life on the farm is busy, so we have minimised the amount of user interaction needed within our X1s.


The entire process is automated through AI. Our technology prepares the feed, feeds the larvae and monitors factors such as larvae growth, temperature, and humidity. When ready to harvest, the user is notified and the larvae can be fed to the hens.

What do I need for installation?

The container requires on-site water, IBC intake, grain silo, auger, 15kW electricity connection, and drainage.

What do the larvae eat?

Our Better Origin X1 technology enables the conversion of virtually any organic waste into larvae biomass.


However, based on current regulations, the larvae can only feed on non-animal bioproducts, such as fruit, vegetable, and cereal wastes.

What effects does insect feed have on hens?

Our trials have shown an overall improvement in the chickens’ health and welfare, including better feather coverage, better gut health, and flocks displaying more natural behaviour.


You can also expect an increase in productivity (more eggs laid) and fewer floor eggs.


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