A brand to support our vision for the future

May 20, 2020

Over the last four years Entomics has been growing as a company, bringing nature and technology together, and developing solutions to fix the broken link in the food system. By using insects combined with our patented technology, we’re able to reduce food waste and global emissions, while improving health and productivity on farms.

With our first pilot successfully completed, we are now evolving to a brand that will drive forward our global vision – that consumers can engage with, that underpins the circularity of the food chain, and, that resonates with farmers and food suppliers.

This brand is Better Origin.

We’re working to build a future where:
• Nature and technology work in harmony
• The planet’s systems are sustainable
• We have a secure food supply.

This is what Better Origin stands for – a better future.

We’ll be launching more information about our new product soon, but in the meantime please do follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for our latest news.

Fotis and Miha

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