Meet Yasmine, our Rearing Lead

July 10, 2023

What do you do at Better Origin?

I joined Better Origin as a Rearing Lead. I’m in charge of BSF (black soldier fly) larvae growth optimization in our X-series containers. The work I’m doing now revolves around all the inputs and conditions required to achieve the target yields for our clients.

What was your initial reaction to what we do?

As someone that worked in other insect industries before, seeing insects munching their way through sustainability issues by turning waste into food is somehow familiar. But the way it is approached at BO is fascinating and absolutely genius. Combining both natural and artificial intelligence to fix the food chain will certainly drive positive changes in the food and agriculture industry.

How would you describe the work culture at Better Origin in three words?

Challenging, supportive, and friendly. What I like most about working at Better Origin is that we are learning and growing together as a team. Everyone is encouraged to reach their full potential. Ideas and suggestions are listened to and considered. Despite all the challenges and difficulties we face, there is a spirit that powers the team towards continuous improvement.

Which company value resonates with you the most, and why?

I’d say Customer Obsession. I do believe that customers are the heart of every business, and they should be cherished and celebrated with good products and quality service. Startups often choose to either grow fast or grow well. I think BO is in its DNA a combination of both.

In what way do you see yourself and your work being a part of Better Origin’s mission (to fix the broken food chain by turning waste back into feed and food)?

I think I’m at the heart of the mission. I’m exposed to the challenges of this new paradigm in my day-to-day. It’s part of my personal mission within BO to make sure that the product delivers what we promise to our customers.

What is the most unique or unconventional perk or benefit of working here?

Better Origin is unconventional in its DNA. It’s an innovative business with many unknowns – and that’s not for everyone. The number of challenges that we face is unique, and I think we’re the world’s first to have been faced with these.

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