Why our pets should eat insects

July 12, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of pet nutrition, there is a growing realisation that conventional pet food ingredients are not cut out for the future. Allergies and sensitivities have become prevalent, and the environmental impact of the pet food industry is a cause for concern. As small pet food brands and big manufacturers seek sustainable alternatives, we look into how insects such as the black soldier fly can make both our pets and our planet better.

The Allergy Epidemic in Pet Food

Pets today are experiencing an alarming rise in allergies and sensitivities, often linked to conventional pet food ingredients. One study shows that over 34% of dogs and cats today are allergic to beef, 15% are allergic to chicken, and only less than 0.5% are allergic to insects.

This health crisis calls for a paradigm shift in pet nutrition. Insects, with their nutrient-dense profiles and high protein content, provide a great solution. Unlike common allergens found in traditional pet food, insect-based proteins offer hypoallergenic alternatives, reducing the risk of adverse reactions and ensuring pets can thrive.

Unlocking Environmental Sustainability

We cannot understate the environmental impact of pet food production. From deforestation to greenhouse gas emissions, the industry places significant strain on our planet. According to the Journal of Global Environmental Change, the pet industry accounts for 1.1%−2.9% of global agricultural emissions and 0.8–1.2% of global agricultural land use. This is equivalent to an environmental footprint of around twice the UK land area or equivalent to total emissions from Mozambique or the Philippines.

Insects, however, present an opportunity to disrupt this unsustainable cycle. With a minimal ecological footprint, insect farming is a more resource-efficient process that requires less land, water, and feed. By incorporating insects into pet food, we can significantly lower the industry’s environmental burden and contribute to a more sustainable future.

How do we grow? The Technological Frontier

Insects use a fraction of resources compared to other premium pet food ingredients. And it can also be grown locally, minimising transport miles and improving food security.

Insect farming is an exciting industry, further optimised to address the food needs of tomorrow with the inclusion of technology, including AI. Central to Better Origin’s mission is our processing technology, Origin-X. It allows us to create sustainable insect products that use a fraction of resources compared to other premium pet food meats. The environmental impact of our tech has been assessed by Cambridge University.

Leveraging automation and artificial intelligence, Origin-X ensures efficient and controlled production, guaranteeing the highest quality and safety standards. Better Origin’s commitment to world-class technology positions them as a trusted expert, driving innovation within the insect-based pet food space.

Towards Collaboration and Change

The use of insects in pet food holds immense promise for both the well-being of our pets and the health of our planet. As pet food brands and manufacturers contemplate a transition towards sustainable practices, we look forward to the industry harnessing insect-based proteins. Together we can create pet food that aligns with consumer demand for environmentally conscious and allergy-free options.

Let us work together to create a future where our pets thrive on nourishing, environmentally responsible diets. Reach out to Better Origin today and embark on a journey towards a more sustainable pet food industry.

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