Meet Jenny, our Sales Manager

September 27, 2023

What do you do at Better Origin?

I am a Sales Manager with a focus on the pet food industry. My job is to get more of our products into pet food and grow awareness of insect ingredients within this sector.

What was your initial reaction to what we do?

I was inspired and excited. I am a problem solver and fixing the very broken food chain is a huge problem to fix. This is why I wanted to join the company.

How would you describe the work culture at Better Origin in three words?

Innovative, fresh, and fun!

What sets Better Origin apart from other companies in the agritech space?

Better Origin is innovative without being arrogant, something that you don’t see in the industry much. We are willing to listen and take on board ideas and suggestions both internally as well as externally.

In your opinion, what role does technology play in driving positive change in the food and agriculture industry?

Unless we all go back to complete basics and start growing, rearing, and fishing for our own consumption, then I think technology is number one in driving positive change.

How do you believe Better Origin contributes to addressing the challenges of food sustainability and climate change?

If you are taking waste and recycling it into food, then you are part of the way there to closing the circle. Any reduction in waste is going to benefit the planet.

When you imagine the future of food, what do you see? How do you see Better Origin contributing to that future?

I see a reduction in the consumption of livestock and more responsible farming. I also see insects and other alternative protein sources gaining market share. I hope to see Better Origin developing along with it and expanding into the production of finished products as well as having a global presence.

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